Piña Fizz

Pina fizz drink
Pina fizz drink

Feeling tropical, or even worse, feeling winter? Here’s what you need to do…grab some Buchanan’s Pineapple, mineral water, a little Tajin, and a lime. That’s all you need, though a spray tan and some sunglasses wouldn’t hurt.


• 1.5 oz Buchanan’s Pineapple

• 4 oz mineral water

Glassware: Highball Glass

Garnish: Tajin rime, Lime Wedge

Instructions: Squeeze a little lime juice onto a plate and then some Tajin seasoning on another plate. Dip the rim of the highball glass in the lime juice and then coat the rim with Tajin. Pour Buchannan’s Pineapple into the glass, over ice, and top with mineral water. Garnish with a lime wedge.


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