About Melissa

About Melissa

 Bourbon stole my heart a few years ago when I had several opportunities to write about it. Food stole my heart when I was lucky enough to be raised by a mom who managed to make nearly everything from scratch when we were growing up. Then, with age I found one of my favorite things to do in life is to find fantastic restaurants.

I wanted a space where all food and drink lovers could read, comment, and find some relaxing and enjoyable times. Butter, Bourbon, & Other Sins is all about enjoying the good stuff in life, such as dining out, rich foods, and fine drinks. My husband and I spend most Saturday nights at great restaurants. We are always looking for a new dish, a new recipe, beautiful Italian wines, and fun cocktails. We’ve decided it’s an area we won’t skimp on. I’ll give up other luxuries before I’ll give up a great atmosphere with delicious food.

There’s more to me than writing, eating, and drinking (not much). I’m a full-time freelance writer. I became a newlywed for the second and last time this past July, 2022. Together we have 8 children, one son-in-law, and 2 grandchildren. Our lives are full and Saturday night date night is essential. We take it very seriously so we can connect and just have fun. No work or serious stuff allowed. My husband Damian and I sort of fell in love over food and our shared passion for it. Also, we have a strange little dog named, Bentley and a new puppy, Cooper…we aren’t really sure how that happened.

I believe in a purposeful life, loving others deeply and showing it, and never, ever saving the top shelf spirits and decadent foods for a special occasion. As long as we are here, today is a special occasion. Be thankful

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