Buchanan’s Pineapple

Buchanan's Pineapple

Buchanan’s Pineapple is tropical sunshine in a bottle.

Buchanan's Pineapple

Buchanan’s Whisky is well known for its blended Scotch whisky, but are you aware of one of the most popular ways to mix it? In the Hispanic American community, Buchanan’s whisky is often mixed with pineapple juice as a refreshing cocktail (The Buchanita). So, Buchanan’s made it even easier by combining pineapple and whisky in one bottle. Buchanan’s Pineapple is the first of its kind in the Buchanan portfolio, and you’ll be glad they finally did it. The company was generous enough to send me a sample, and here’s what I found…

The Nose:

The aroma is pineapple-forward with other citrus.

The Palate:

I have to repeat pineapple-forward, but it’s not overkill. This is a sweet-flavored whisky; when they say pineapple, they mean pineapple. On the palate, there is a light note of caramel and vanilla.

The Finish:

At the finish, you’ll remember you’re drinking a blended Scotch whisky. The slightest taste of iodine lingers on the tongue along with tropical fruit.

I know there are skeptics out there regarding flavored whisky; however, perhaps that’s because they had to cut their teeth on the hard stuff back in the day. Today, with a whisky like Buchanan’s Pineapple, a newbie can try whisky without getting “burned.” At only 70 proof, it goes down easy and reveals the slightest taste of Scotch. For old pros, Buchanan’s shakes things up a bit and makes drinking Scotch fun. The pineapple is surprisingly refreshing, and well, to tell you the truth, it was a welcome change for someone currently living through a northern winter. It took me to a tropical paradise, which is what Buchanan wants to do.

Buchanan’s Pineapple is running a campaign on social media for those 21 and older called “It’s Piña,” and it’s all about encouraging a tropical state of mind, whether at home or out on the town. James Buchanan, the founder of Buchanan’s whisky, believed in community and sharing, which led to the 200% concept: 100% American identity + 100% Hispanic identity = 200% life. How beautiful is that?

I don’t see Buchanan’s Pineapple as a Scotch to sip neat but rather on the rocks. Even better, it’s perfect for cocktails. Check out the recipes for Piña Fizz and Bucha Colada.


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