Michelin Star, Dry Creek Kitchen

Dry Creek Kitchen
Michelin Star, Dry Creek Kitchen

In the heart of Sonoma County’s wine industry lies the beautiful town of Healdsburg. Healdsburg has quickly become a tourist destination, not only for its scenery and famous wines, but also its amazing food scene. Within the town, Michelin has recognized seven restaurants for their uniqueness and culinary expertise. The recognized restaurants range from the Michelin Recommended list, all the way to having Three Michelin Stars.

One of the amazing restaurants on that list can be found adjacent to the downtown Healdsburg Plaza. Owned and operated by the world-class chef, Charlie Palmer, his French cuisine restaurant, Dry Creek Kitchen, is one that you do not want to miss out on.

The Atmosphere

Michelin Star, Dry Creek Kitchen

Walking through the tall, swinging doors, you are met by a hostess or two, ready to take your jacket and lead you to your table. You first walk past a long bar filled with top shelf liquors, and lots of smiles. Walking through the modern, yet classy restaurant with tables topped with white linens and candles, you are led to a table of your own, where you are almost immediately met by your waiter or waitress, wearing dress pants, button down white shirts, and either a black tie or a bowtie; truly classy.

After immediately being served sparkling or still water, you are brought a batch of hot garlic herb focaccia bread with sea salt sprinkled on top. Not long after, you are getting your order taken, getting drinks, and immersed in the well oiled machine that this wonderful restaurant is.

The Food

food at Dry Creek Kitchen

Michelin Star restaurants are known for some of the greatest dishes in the world, and that’s exactly what you’ll experience at Dry Creek Kitchen. The cuisine is classic French, with a decently sized menu, containing everything from oysters to lamb chops. I began with an ahi tuna tartare, which rested on a bed of avocado and a lovely vinaigrette. It was recommended to me and it did not let me down.

Following that, was the Alaskan halibut with a side of spring vegetables. The halibut was poached and topped with a saffron broth that truly brought together all of the unique flavors. For dessert, there were so many beautiful options, but the sorbet was the dessert of choice; three vibrant flavors in one tasting was perfect.


One of the most important parts of a restaurant is the drinks. Dry Creek Kitchen has an assortment of in-house cocktails, which I’m sure taste as good as they look. Along with that they do have a full bar with the ability to make whatever you request.

What really amazed me was the wine list. The wine list, the size of a short novel, was based on all Sonoma County wines, and seemed to almost have them all. The restaurant also offers free corkage if you bring wine from Sonoma County!

A Summary

As a Michelin Star restaurant, Dry Creek Kitchen truly has a unique, high end ambiance, but the lovely staff gives off a very kind-hearted feeling, which brings the comfort of a family run business. Right next door, in the lobby of Hotel Healdsburg, there is also a full bar that gives access to a lot of the menu from Dry Creek Kitchen, which is also unique. It is more casual, and oftentimes your meals or cocktails are accompanied by live music.

A wonderful way to explore French cuisine in a comfortable setting; with great service, exquisite food, and tasty wines and cocktails!


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