Empress Lavender Lemonade

Empress Lavendar Lemonade

Empress Lavender Lemonade

Recipe by Melissa Nicholson Course: Cocktail



Remember mom’s homemade lemonade? Well, now you’re a mom and it’s time to make your own. However, please keep this one away from the children. You can actually use mom’s homemade lemonade recipe for Empress Lavender Lemonade; you’ll just add a little extra kick.


  • 2 oz 2 Empress 1908 Gin

  • 1 oz 1 lavender honey syrup

  • 2 oz 2 lemonade

  • lavender sprig


  • Fill a glass with crushed ice
  • Shake the lemonade and lavender honey syrup in a shaker with ice.
  • Strain into the glass
  • Pour the gin on top and add more ice if you can fit it.
  • Top with the gin and allow it to float, then garnish with the sprig of lavender.


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