Chocolate Chip Cookies

two chocolate chip cookies with milk

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Recipe by Melissa Nicholson


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The chocolate chip cookie was first created by Ruth Wakefield, who ran the Toll House restaurant in Whitman, Massachusetts. In 1930, she graciously bestowed on us a buttery cookie that oozes melted semi-sweet chocolate. We love you, Ruth. She would be proud to know that the chocolate chip cookie still reigns as America’s number one cookie today.

In my recipe, I add a little extra flour to keep the cookies from falling flat. I swear they didn’t use to fall flat years ago, and I have often wondered if something in one of the ingredients has changed over time—still, the extra tablespoons of flour help. Also, refrigerating your cookie dough for a bit so it isn’t as soft helps the cookies get a nice thickness when they bake.


  • 2 1/4 cups flour

  • 1 tsp baking soda

  • 1 tsp salt

  • 1 cup butter, softened

  • 3/4 cup brown sugar

  • 3/4 cup sugar

  • 2 eggs

  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

  • 2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips


  • Whisk together flour, baking soda, and salt in a small bowl and set aside.
  • In a mixer, combine the softened butter and sugars until creamy.
  • Add eggs one at a time an blend well.
  • Add the vanilla and blend well.
  • Add flour mixture a little at a time and blend well each time until it is all mixed in.
  • Stir in the chocolate chips.
  • Using a teaspoon or cookie scoop, drop the dough by spoonfuls onto cookie sheets, leaving about 2 inches between each cookie.
  • Bake at 375° F for 10-12 minutes, depending on how dark you like them and how your oven heats. I like mine light. Remove from oven and allow the sheets of cookies to cool for about one to two minutes before transferring them to wire racks to cool completely.


  • When refrigerating the dough, 15 minutes is fine, and longer won’t hurt it. If you don’t have time to refrigerate, you can still make the cookies. I do it quite often. I find they maintain more thickness if the dough is refrigerated.
  • This says 60 servings because it makes 5 dozen when the cookies are small (about a teaspoon scoop). Realistically, one cookie for each person, if you have 60 guests, is not enough. 😉


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