The Kraken Gold Spiced Rum

In a study by Proximo Spirits, over 70% of consumers preferred The Kraken Gold Spiced Rum over their competitor, Captain Morgan®.

The Kraken Gold Spiced Rum

If you’ve never thought of rum as something to drink neat, think again. We were amazed at the smoothness of The Kraken Gold Spiced Rum. Admittedly, I have used rum in cocktails but haven’t sipped a lot of it on its own. This rum changed that school of thought for me quickly. The Kraken Gold Spiced Rum was created for sipping.

Lander Otegui, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Proximo Spirits, says, “As gold-spiced rum occasions are now the highest among the rum category, we are proud to introduce this new offering from The Kraken, with a flavor profile all its own. We are confident that this product will be THE NEW GOLD STANDARD in spiced rum thanks to its superb taste that we know matches what our consumers are looking for.”

The Notes

Some call The Kraken Gold Spiced Rum a seductive experience. I’d have to agree. Our tastebuds were thrilled, and our senses ignited. The color is a deep golden hue, and the complex flavor profile is impressive. On the nose, we were pleasantly surprised with caramel and vanilla forward notes. On the palate, we enjoyed more vanilla and caramel, as well as a hint of banana bread and a little molasses. The finish is peppery and sweet vanilla lingers on the tongue.

Some spirits are an experience, and I’d put The Kraken Gold Spiced Rum in that category. The deep, rich flavor profile and seductive aroma are perfect for savoring slowly. It feels decadent in the same way a great bourbon would. We enjoyed it immediately and then even more as we allowed it to open up. One of my favorite things to do when tasting is to walk away and keep coming back to find new notes and layers. This rum is perfect for that.

We decided to give it a try as an Old Fashioned, and it’s fantastic. You can find that recipe here.

Whether you are enjoying it on the rocks, mixed in a cocktail, or as a component of your favorite dessert, Kraken Gold Spiced Rum is the perfect accompaniment to any occasion. It’s a spirit as versatile as it is alluring, making it the ideal choice for anyone who loves to indulge in the finer things in life. And at about $20 a bottle, it’s a great deal for a liquor of this high quality.


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