The Barn

The Barn restaurant

Fairhope, Alabama’s Farm-to-Table Restaurant

The Barn restaurant

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Robert Evans, owner, and Chef Adam Stephens, Executive Chef, of the exciting new restaurant, “The Barn” in Fairhope, Alabama. If you’re fortunate enough to visit the small coastal town of Fairhope, you’ll experience the beauty, friendliness, and pride of the community at every turn. The Barn is a reflection of that fellowship and charm.

Sitting on the same premises as The Hope Farm, which grew from a son’s knowledge and passion for farming and healthy living, and a father’s love of wine and good food, The Barn is the next natural step for the farm and the community. And when it comes to community, it’s everything to the father and son team and Chef Stephens. While speaking with them, it was clear that each decision they make is based upon how it will affect the community of Fairhope and the surrounding areas. When asked if The Barn has any signature dishes, Chef Stephens replied, “The community will make that clear as time goes on.” And as co-founder Bentley Evans said about the opening of The Barn, “We can’t wait for Fairhope to experience this beautiful space.” It has never been just about themselves and never will be, no matter how big they get. Owner Robert Evans explains that if they ever expand beyond Fairhope, the goal will always be to keep a “small town” feel to the restaurant.

The Barn restaurant

Although The Barn is similar to The Hope Farm because they reside on the same premises and both are built on the same values, it definitely has its own personality. Chef Stephens points out that with an open kitchen and the tables full of people enjoying themselves, The Barn exudes a vibe of energy and togetherness. The menu focuses on in-house-made pastries and bistro-style weekday lunches. One of the main attractions at The Barn is the premium coffee from Nova Espresso, a local craft coffee shop based out of Mobile, Alabama. It’s another reminder of the emphasis the team at The Barn places on supporting local businesses and sustainability.

You can expect farm-to-table and seasonal selections at The Barn, just as at The Hope Farm. Chef Adam Stephens says, “It’s like a chef’s playground,” referring to the joys of creating a menu from a sustainable farm. Don’t expect just any lunch while dining at The Barn. Instead, plan on taking your time to enjoy menu items such as Grilled Hanger with Frites & Chimichurri, Jambon Beurre, or Chilled Lobster Salad. And expect fun changes to the menu as the seasons change. To celebrate the coastal life, there’s even a raw bar with seafood and caviar service. In the mornings, grab a cup of Nova Espresso coffee and a homemade cinnamon roll with candied pecans or a fresh croissant.

The Barn restaurant

As a part of the restaurant business during a pandemic, the entire team at The Barn looks back at those tough times and is so grateful and aware of how lucky they are to see great success and to give not only the local community but visitors from all over the country a new place where they now experience farm-to-table dishes that are elegant and accessible. It takes a unique group to create a casual atmosphere with a menu that can compete with the world’s finest restaurants. And best of all, it’s in the prettiest little town, Fairhope, Alabama.


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