PiggyBack 100 Proof

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If you like to feel the heat, along with a little spice, you’ll enjoy this new 100 proof bourbon from WhistlePig distillery

WhistlePig PiggyBack 100 proof bourbon

PiggyBack 100 proof bourbon is a relatively new addition to the world of bourbons. Produced by WhistlePig, a Vermont-based distillery known for its premium rye whiskeys, PiggyBack is their first bourbon release. The bourbon is aged for six years and bottled at 100 proof, which makes it stand out from other bourbons on the market. Most bourbon whiskey is bottled at about 80 proof.  

The Farm

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It’s tough not to be creative at WhistlePig Farm. The setting is stunning, where a 150-year-old barn sitting on acreage, was renovated to create a dreamy, unique whiskey distillery. WhistlePig is all about breaking tradition while maintaining everything a whiskey should be and more. Creativity and pushing the envelope are a priority. As one team member says, “Our young, rebellious team is committed to breaking the rules, defying tradition, and blazing new trails with determination, laughter, and grit.” Thanks to that spirit and innovation, we bourbon fans get to enjoy an excellent new whiskey.

The name “PiggyBack,” which is slang for a rider on a locomotive, is inspired by the distillery’s founder, Raj Bhakta, who had a passion for trains and railroads. The name also reflects the idea of building upon the legacy of previous whiskey makers.

The notes in PiggyBack 100 proof bourbon

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One of the most striking things about PiggyBack 100 proof bourbon is its aroma. The nose is complex and layered, with caramel, vanilla, and oak notes. Hints of baking spices and a subtle smokiness complement these aromas.

On the palate, PiggyBack delivers a rich and full-bodied experience. The bourbon has a deep, warm flavor profile dominated by caramel and vanilla notes. A pleasant spiciness comes through, along with a subtle smokiness that lingers on the finish.

At a mid-priced level (about $50) this is an excellent bourbon to add to any collection. You can order PiggyBack 100 proof bourbon here.

How to enjoy PiggyBack 100 proof bourbon

As mentioned, one of the things that set PiggyBack apart from other bourbons is its high proof. At 100 proof, it has a bit more kick than your average bourbon, which makes it a great choice for mixing in cocktails. Personally, I prefer rye in my old-fashioned, but thanks to PiggyBack’s “kick” and spicy notes, it’s perfect in this type of cocktail. It also holds up well when paired with food, particularly rich, hearty dishes like steak or barbecue.

Overall, PiggyBack 100 proof bourbon is a fantastic addition to the world of bourbons. Its complex aroma and full-bodied flavor make it a standout choice, and its high proof makes it a versatile option for cocktails or food pairings. If you’re a bourbon fan, PiggyBack is worth checking out. I know we will continue to enjoy the bottle we have and replace it as it runs out.


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