Perfect Vacation Formula

Two men on vacation

The formula for creating the most memorable vacation includes traveling with a group of at least four people, enjoying a minimum of four new experiences and doing something “unexpected.”

Two men on vacation
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Research of 2,000 travelers aged 18-34 found 36% felt stepping out of your comfort zone was necessary for a perfect vacation, wanting to push their boundaries at least four times during any given adventure.

While 32% believe making new friends is key; a memorable vacation means meeting three new people.

And at least three new dishes should also be tried.

Commissioned by the social travel company for 18-35-year-olds, Contiki, and conducted by OnePoll, the study revealed an outstanding trip will see 45 photos and 15 videos taken to capture the four “perfect moments” they want to experience.

Respondents have been on an average of seven truly memorable trips each, while 29% of those who have traveled solo feel these vacations created more memories than any other.

“The reason we travel is, at its core, to create memories – whether it’s from that perfect moment or trying something new out of your comfort zone,” said Rachel Storey, Brand Director of Contiki. “Exploring a new destination and culture is opening yourself up to the unknown with the potential to create memories that can last a lifetime when you make every moment count.”

The research also found 45% of travelers believe spending time with people physically on vacation is more important than ever, due to today’s increasingly virtual world.

Meanwhile, 36% consider a memorable vacation more important than previously due to their current work-life balance and 34% feel they need to make every moment count when traveling thanks to increased work pressure.

Nearly half (47%) feel so strongly about this that they would quit a job that didn’t allow them to take the time off they needed for an unforgettable trip.

It also emerged 43% pick their travel destinations based on the experiences they might have while there and 36% have a vacation bucket list of moments they want to tick off.

As a result, 58% have tried to plan a “perfect” moment while away, like a glorious sunset or catching animals in their natural habitat.

But 53% prefer a perfect moment to happen naturally or organically, rather than be something that is engineered — 81% even believe it’s the imperfect or unexpected moments that can make a vacation more memorable.

Nearly half (47%) of those polled also prefer to post a completely authentic image on social media — showing the good and the bad — rather than a perfectly staged image with filters (28%).

“When you reflect on trips from the past, it’s often the moments you couldn’t have imagined, that leave the deepest impact,” continued Rachel. “Whether it’s a moving encounter with a local, making a new friend, ordering an unusual item in a restaurant, or taking a leap of faith on a new activity – the ultimate souvenir is the memories you make along the way.” 


  1. Watching a sunrise or sunset with your friends or family
  2. Some kind of joke or funny event that becomes a running joke among your friends or family
  3. Something funny that becomes a story to tell for years to come
  4. Doing something that takes you out of your comfort zone
  5. Drinks or food with a view
  6. Making a connection with a local person/ group of people
  7. Trying the local delicacy which is considered unusual at home
  8. Taking a detour or getting lost and finding an empty beach or amazing view
  9. Seeing a famous landmark
  10. Swimming in the sea
  11. Making a new friend
  12. Doing something adrenaline-spiking, such as bungee jumping or parachuting
  13. Ticking something off your bucket list
  14. Getting a full tour of a beautiful city
  15. Seeing animals in their natural habitat
  16. Finding the ideal souvenirs/gifts
  17. Getting a tour around a local town or village
  18. Being proposed to/ proposing to someone/ witnessing a proposal
  19. A vacation romance kiss
  20. Climbing a mountain


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