Mom Water

Mom Water
Mom Water

Ahh…summertime for moms…the kids are off school which means no more packing lunches, no more homework, and no more rousing cranky kids in the morning. Even better, the sun is shining, the beaches and pools are opening, and you might even schedule a little downtime for yourself.

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I recently tried a convenient drink that you’ve got to keep on hand when it’s time to pack the cooler and enjoy a summer day. Mom Water is a brilliant new canned cocktail crafted by real moms who wanted something light, refreshing, and healthier than other seltzers on the market.

The many flavors of Mom Water are known as the “Mom Squad” and are given a “mom” name. They include Sandy Coconut Mango, Nancy Pineapple Orange, Susan Strawberry Kiwi, Carol Cranberry Lime, Julie Passion Fruit, Linda Blueberry Peach, and Karen Lemon Blueberry. Thirsty? I cannot wait to invite all seven beauties to the beach.

Mom Water

Each contains four ingredients: water, vodka, natural fruit flavors, and citric acid. Mom Water only lacks carbs, carbonation, gluten, and sugar. The last thing we need while wearing summer clothes and swimsuits is a drink that bloats us from carbonation and sugar.

I truly found each one refreshing and plan on keeping the fridge well stocked with Mom Water all summer. Cookouts, Mother’s Day, and just hanging outside are perfect reasons to enjoy Mom Water. Oh, and by the way, the cans are simply, pretty. I love looking at them. Say goodbye to White Claw and Hello to Mom Water this summer.


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