Bulleit Crafted Cocktails

Bulleit Crafted Cocktails

Ah, Bulleit Crafted Cocktails – the perfect solution for those who love a good bourbon cocktail but don’t have the time or energy to mix one up themselves. They come in a bottle, all mixed and ready to enjoy.

Bulleit Crafted Cocktails

Bulleit Bourbon makes a great cocktail

Bulleit bourbon barrels
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Let’s talk about Bulleit Bourbon itself. This iconic bourbon is made from a high-rye mash bill and aged for at least six years, resulting in a bold spicy flavor and a smooth finish that’s beloved by bourbon connoisseurs everywhere. So, it’s no surprise that people got excited when Bulleit announced they were releasing premade cocktails.

The spicy sweetness from the high-rye mash bill gives Bulleit that extra kick that’s needed to stand up to mixed drinks. Bulleit has long been loved as a high-quality bourbon at a reasonable price, usually around $30 – $60. Now, they’ve thrilled their loyal customers with cocktails that are ready to pour.

Some purists might argue that premade cocktails are sacrilege and that the art of cocktail-making is in the mixing and measuring. Absolutely, that is an art; however, let’s be real, not everyone has the time or inclination to make a perfect Old Fashioned after a long day at work. And for those occasions when you want a tasty drink without the hassle, Bulleit Crafted Cocktails are a great option.

Two offerings

Two bottles Bulleit Crafted Cocktails

The Bulleit Bourbon Crafted Cocktails are offered as an Old Fashioned or a Manhattan. Each bottle contains enough for two cocktails and is made with Bulleit Bourbon, bitters, and other high-quality ingredients. Your only job is to pour it over ice, garnish if you’re feeling fancy, and voila! A delicious cocktail in seconds. Easily pair an impressive cocktail like an Old Fashioned or Manhattan with your Filet Mignon or a charcuterie board loaded with smoked meats.

I love the thought of using these while entertaining. Imagine hosting a party and not having to spend half the night playing bartender. Instead, set out some glasses, ice, and a few bottles of these premade cocktails, and your guests can help themselves. It’s like having a personal mixologist without the hefty price tag.

How Bulleit’s Crafted Cocktails taste

But what about the taste? Are these premade cocktails actually any good? Well, the consensus seems to be yes, and I agree. Reviewers have praised the balance of flavors and the quality of the ingredients. Personally, I absolutely love them. I may be biased, but my hubby makes the best Old Fashioned out there. He’s just really good at making cocktails (lucky me). Still, we gave these Bulleit premade cocktails a try and were impressed.

To me, it’s just like when I am too tired to cook a homemade pizza from scratch, so we use a premade crust. Still delicious but more convenient. We all need a little convenience now and then. I also think these make fantastic gifts and the perfect host/hostess gift when you’re invited to a friend’s home for dinner.

In conclusion, Bulleit Crafted Cocktails are a fun and easy way to enjoy a delicious bourbon cocktail without the hassle. Whether you’re hosting a party or want to unwind after a long day, these premade drinks are a great option. Cheers!


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