Brewsters Beer Garden

If you’re in Sonoma County on a summer’s weekend and you find yourself without afternoon plans, Brewsters Beer Garden is the right spot for you.

Brewsters Beer Garden Sonoma County

Downtown Petaluma is one of the fastest growing cities in California. Packed with nightlife, events and a great food scene, it is a very fun spot to be. Sitting on the south side of Sonoma County, Petaluma has the southernmost AVA’s for Sonoma County wines, commonly known for its Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays.

Besides wine, Petaluma is known for food. A wonderful scene it is, with a seemingly endless supply of restaurants found on any street corner in the city. Brewsters, considered a beer garden and not a restaurant, can still hold a light to any of the other amazing restaurants you’ll find in this city.

The Yard

The setup of the beer garden is that of a long backyard. Tables flow from the building deep into the back with a walled off alley on one side and a rustic, brick building on the other that creates a wall from the environment. Sticking with a rustic look, there are lots of antique decorations throughout this outdoor beer garden that tie the aesthetic together.

On the weekends it’s packed, loud, fun and young. The environment is lively and comfortable; not formal in any sense, but in no way trashy. Everybody seems to always be smiling and laughing, truly enjoying themselves.

Oftentimes there is a live band playing, quieting the crowd enough to hear the music, but in no way diminishing from the lively environment.

The Menu

Beer garden Sonoma County

The menu there changes on a daily basis, but you can bet on having some great barbecue no matter what the menu holds. Brewsters does their own smoking, so oftentimes you find 12-hour smoked meats like chicken, ribs, and brisket. They’ll melt in your mouth and leave you with the best hickory flavors you’ll find in Sonoma county.

Their amazing barbecuing is also accompanied by sides of different vegetables, fries, mac & cheese, etc. Personally, the fried chicken sandwich jumped off the page for me, and words could not do it justice. It was juicy, savory and crunchy; perfectly delicious.


Brewsters Beer Garden Sonoma County

The beer garden shows off the vast amount of microbreweries there are in California. All of the beers on tap are unique and only a few come from outside of the state. You can find beers from companies like Lagunitas, Lost Coast and Barrelhouse on the draft list.

The beer garden also has a full bar, so any cocktail you’re looking for, they can make. Not much goes better than good beer or a hand crafted cocktail to go with southern style barbecue and live music.


Brewsters Beer Garden is a great summer day lunch or dinner spot. Whether it is for a fun date, a day out with friends and family, or just a quick beer, it really is unbeatable. Explore the downtown Petaluma nightlife, play pool at Buffalo Billiards, and make sure you check out Brewsters Beer Garden.


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