ZENB Plant-Based Pasta

ZENB (ZEN-bee) is created from the Japanese expression, zenbu, meaning, whole.

ZENB plant-based pasta products

I love pasta…so much that I am heading to Florence, Italy, in a few weeks for the purpose of eating great pasta. Unfortunately, I can’t often fly off to the beautiful country of Italy for some of the best pasta in the world, so I must find options here at home.

I am a big fan of carbs – something I wish wasn’t true – and pasta has plenty of them. I have tried gluten-free or plant-based pasta before, mainly because, for a while, my son needed to avoid gluten. Honestly, they were always disappointing. The texture and flavor were never right. Gluten-free pasta is sometimes gritty, flavorless, or has an odd flavor.

Recently, I received some pasta samples from ZENB, an innovative plant-based food company creating pasta made from yellow peas, skin and all. I never even heard of yellow peas so I was intrigued. And when I say yellow peas, that’s it. Their pasta is all made with just a single ingredient. This is revolutionary for people eating gluten-free or simply trying to eat healthier. ZENB pasta adds healthy fiber and protein to your diet.

On top of that, ZENB is proud to offer products that are gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, vegan, and always free of artificial colors and flavors. So, onto the important stuff. What did I think of ZENB plant-based pasta? I thought it was fantastic. If I didn’t know it was plant-based I wouldn’t know it was plant-based.

Trying out some ZENB plant-based pasta

ZENB Agile bowl

First, I tried one of their Agile bowls, Zesty Garlic Spinach. I’m not good at making healthy choices for myself. I tend to grab quick, sometimes unhealthy options because I am often in a hurry to get back to my computer. Let me tell you; the Agile bowl is life-changing for someone like me. All I added was a little water, as the directions say, and plopped it in the microwave. I was left with a yummy, healthy, and very quick lunch. The pasta was al dente, and the Agile bowl was full of fabulous flavor. I was ridiculously excited to have something I could make so quickly that didn’t taste as if I made it in two minutes.

flowered plate with spaghetti

I also tried ZENB’s spaghetti topped with their Roasted Tomato Garlic & Basil sauce. I make homemade spaghetti sauce about once a week. I will happily substitute my homemade stuff with ZENBs when I am not in the mood to cook. Again, eating something fast and easy that actually tastes good brings me a silly amount of joy. Is that wrong?

In conclusion, ZENB is a great company. Plenty of food businesses turn out “healthy” options, but they forget to include great taste. I love that ZENB is expanding the idea of plant-based pasta while keeping the reality that people want to feel as though they are indulging when enjoying a meal. Healthy doesn’t have to be without taste. By the way, they also make Sweet Carrot Tomato sauce and a Creamy Mushroom, Cauliflower, & Garlic sauce. Sauces come in cardboard for easy recycling too. Check out some of their recipes here.

Check out this fabulous documentary called, “What Plants can do,” featuring Hunter Fieri (son of Guy Fieri of Triple D Nation) on ZENBs website, where they discuss the benefits of plant-based food and the importance of plant crops.


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