The Matheson

The Matheson

Healdsburg, California, the heart of Sonoma County’s wine region is one of the fastest growing regions in all of California. The town, becoming known for its beautiful scenery, diverse terroir, high end wines, and ever expanding food culture, has caught the attention of many. Thousands of people flock to the town for barrel tasting weekends, and other large events, with peak seasons filling up the town’s plaza.

Right at the corner of the plaza, a new two-story restaurant named The Matheson has hit the scene. The two-story restaurant, joined by its Roof 106 cocktail bar above, is the newest, hottest restaurant in Healdsburg.

First Impression

The Matheson restaurant
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The first thing you see, walking through the doors of the Matheson is a beautiful interior, modern, but fanciful decor, a 360 degree bar, an open kitchen, and a whole wine wall with automatic dispensers dedicated to both Sonoma County’s amazing wines and other high-end wines from around the world.

After being greeted by a hostess, you can grab a drink at the bar, a glass of wine from the wine wall, or even venture to the roof for a cocktail with a view of the plaza. The rooftop is absolutely gorgeous, with a full, wrap-around bar inside, with comfortable seating, and a more casual feeling. When you step onto the patio, you have a perfect view of downtown Healdsburg, seen from the firepits and couches lining up the sides of the patio.

The Food

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A wide menu awaits you if you eat at the first-floor dining room. Chef Dustin Valette has outdone himself. You can find everything from woodfired pizza to a tasting platter of sushi. The most amazing part is that you could not go wrong with either.

If you decide to eat at Roof 106, you will find a smaller menu, with a more approachable feel. You can still get a variety of pizzas and appetizers, including shishito peppers that are out of this world.

The Drinks

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The extensive number of wines you can find on the wall as you enter the restaurant is astounding. Many wines are from Sonoma County, but you can still find wines from notable wine regions like Bordeaux, Mendoza, and Napa.

While enjoying a meal prepared from a menu built by chef Dustin Valette, you might as well try his personal wine, Valette. Valette cabernet sauvignon is a beautifully crafted, Sonoma County cabernet, made by Healdsburg’s own, and world renowned winemaker, Jesse Katz.

The cocktails are their own craftsmanship. Each one is unique and equally as amazing as the last. My recommendation is the modern margarita, which is clear with ingredients crafted by the Matheson team. It is an amazing balance of sweet and tangy and is not lacking in alcohol.


The food scene is amazing in Healdsburg. You will find everything from local burger joints like Healdsburger, to three Michelin star restaurants, like Single Thread. Go check out the wines, the scenery, and the restaurants, but do not forget to stop and check out The Matheson while you’re at it!


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